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How do I best attach the AirTag to my dog?

How do I best attach the AirTag to my dog?

May 18, 2021 2 min read

Apple AirTags - they change the way we track our dogs!
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How to create more trust in dog sitting with AirTags?

How to create more trust in dog sitting with AirTags?

May 18, 2021 4 min read

Pet sitting or dog walking is a service that helps so many pet parents during the times they cannot be there! It is a job that at times might be hard, but brings lot's of joy while doing it!
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Can an AirTag replace your dog microchip?

Can an AirTag replace your dog microchip?

May 06, 2021 4 min read

Our recommendation: You should absolutely use both a microchip and an AirTag on your dog. You want to increase the chance to find your lost dog as much as possible. The AirTag does everything that the microchip does, just better. The reason we don't recommend replacing your microchip is the following. Microchips have been the standard for finding your dog and it wouldn't hurt having both.
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🌱 Cork Leather

Who knows cork from floors or bulletin boards, thinks first of a very coarse, brittle material. However, our cork leather from Portugal is very soft and robust. It is a composite material made of natural cotton and cork. From the haptics, it reminds very much of real leather.

Our cork leather has water repellent properties. It keeps dirt and water away and is easy to clean.

Yes, the Cork Leather is bite proof. Check out our Instagram Story highlights. There you can find a real bite test by a dog. You can find it under "Durability testing". Of course, you should get your dog out of the habit of biting on the collar. But thanks to our natural materials, it will not harm your four-legged friend.

No, your dog can't tear our products. The cotton inside provides the necessary tensile strength. The tear-resistant yarn gives our products extra traction.

🧲 Fidlock Buckle

No, the buckle can't open itself & neither your dog can do so. The Fidlock is designed to never open under pressure. We've uploaded an explanation for the Fidlock mechanism on our Instagram - have a look and see for yourself.

The Fidlock V-Buckle is specially designed for high pull strength. It is the highest quality buckle on the market and is officially approved for the use of dog accessories.

The magnet makes the buckle easy to close and snaps it in place. The Fidlock is held together by a strong locking mechanism for high forces and applications requiring added security

📍 Tracking

The AirTag is not included, but we'll send you a link to purchase it right after your order.

When you realize your dog is lost, you can activate the Apple community to bring back your best friend. Every Apple device will anonymously help locate your dog. Once your dog is found, you'll get a notification letting you know where your puppy is.

Yes, you can. If your dog is not nearby and can't be located, you can put the AirTag on your dog in Lost Mode. In this mode, if any other Apple device locates your dog, you'll receive a notification with the exact location of your dog.

Both systems have their pros and cons. What is best for your dog depends very much on your use case. Check out our blog article about GPS vs AirTags.

No, the material has anti-slip properties. The pocket is oriented in a way that the chip can never fall out and the chip sits tightly in it.