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May 01, 2021 4 min read

Vegan, Eco-friendly and water resistant!

Cork Leather or Cork Fabric is known for its softness and wear/tear resistance: perfect for dog accessories like our sleek AirTag Collars and Leads.

What is Cork Leather?

Cork Leather is a material sourced from the Oak Tree. A vegan leather alternative, known for its high-durability and a one-of-a-kind look. The Cork Fabric consists of two layers. A base layer, which is 100% cotton and cork as a top layer. This material combination makes Cork Leather a plant-based fabric that does not harm animals during its production. Some of its known features are the lightness of the material as well as its hypoallergenic properties. This makes it the best choice for our AirTag Dog Collars.



Where is Cork Leather coming from?

Our Cork Leather comes directly from Portugal. We like to keep short delivery routes in between the raw materials and the manufacturing process. Portugal has the world's largest area of cork oak forests. Cork harvesting is an old tradition in Portugal and all of the large cork companies are still family businesses today. The forests are under strict control and are sustainably managed to allow an ongoing eco-system.

How is Cork Leather made?

After harvesting the bark from the cork tree, this recyclable, natural product made in Europe is dried for a total of six months, then boiled and after that goes through a heat and pressure treatment before it is divided into leather-like fabric. The fabric is later attached onto a cotton backing. The whole process is done without any chemicals!

What can Cork Leather be used for?

So far Cork Leather is not known by many people yet, but its potential is rapidly being discovered over the last years. Even though the material is not very commonly known internationally, it is already being used for several years in Portugal. Most use cases are from the fashion industry, especially bags and other vegan accessories. When Christian, Co-Founder & Product Designer of FollowPaw, visited Portugal for the first time, he discovered Cork Leather and its outstanding features. When designing our AirTag Dog Collars & Dog Leads he knew that this material had to be the number one choice.

Is Cork Leather eco friendly?

Cork is considered one of the most ecologically friendly materials available.The bark of the Oak tree is a highly renewable resource as it can be harvested over and over again several times. The tree does not get harmed by this process. It even is a beneficial process for the tree, since a stripped cork tree absorbs up to five times more CO2 than the unharvested ones. The conservation of the Oak forests ensure that the habitat of the endangered Iberian Lynx stays intact, promoting a healthy eco-system where this animal can thrive.

Is cork leather easy to clean?

Yes! A big advantage of cork fabric is it's low-maintenance. Clean it easily with a damp cloth, remove any dirt and let it dry. You can now go on as many adventures as possible and won't have to worry about it! Also our cork leather has water repellent properties. Just rinse it off and you're good to go.

Sustainable Leather alternative

Regular leather is known for its strength, longevity and its premium look. But it has a downside – it's an animal product and not very sustainable. There are not many materials that can compete with the properties of leather but Cork Leather is one of them. Thanks to its cotton base material inside it has the strength of leather. The Cork surface has a similar touch as leather and a unique structure that comes from the trees bark.


Each cork product is one-of-a-kind because no section of cork repeats a pattern. It's unique texture and soft touch makes it an extraordinary material that we aim to spread and promote across the globe by producing stunning accessories. Convinced? Get your Cork Collar & Lead now!

Discover our dog Collars from Cork Leather

FollowPaw Dog Collars are made from premium materials. Sustainable Cork Leather, a high quality magnetic buckle and metal parts. They come with a pocket for a tracking device such as the Apple AirTag, a Tile Sticker or similar trackers. Always keep track of your dog! 🐶

Sold out

📍 Compatible with Apple AirTag tracking device and Tile Sticker.

🧲 Premium magnetic buckle for maximum convenience & longevity

🧵 Made of durable and sustainable cork leather

🇪🇺 Manufactured in Europe & money-back guarantee

Important: AirTags do not give you a 100% guarantee to find your dog. But if your dog is lost, they increase the chance that you find him/her again a lot. Tracking your dog should only be used as a backup system. So please take all measures that your dog does not run away in the first place.

For more Infos on the Apple AirTag have a look at our Blog: About Apple AirTags

Width: 34 mm (sizes S-L), 42 mm (size XL)

How to choose the right size?

Measure the neck circumference of your dog. Ideally with a tape measure.
If you don't have a tape measure at hand, you can take a strip of paper,
mark it, and then spread it out flat to measure it with a ruler.
Important: We recommend leaving two fingers between the neck and the tape measure. If your dog is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger collar.

  cm inches
S 28 - 35 11 - 14
M 36 - 43 15 - 17
L 44 - 51 18 - 20
XL 52 - 59 21 - 22

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