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May 18, 2021 4 min read

Give your clients more security!

Whether you are starting as a dog sitter or you already offer a dog-walking service, the AirTags are an excellent solution and give you and the pet's owner more control over an unexpected situation. But what exactly are Apple AirTags and how can they help you during any stressful circumstances?

How do I become a dog sitter?

Know what you are doing: Make sure that you communicate your experience level with your clients before you walk their dog. It is strongly recommended that you already have some dog experience before you start dog sitting.

Gain experience: It's best if you already have experience with dogs. If you have the feeling that you don't know enough to walk a dog by yourself you can find help at a dog school. It's an investment that will definitely pay off if you're interested in dog sitting.

Be reliable: Your clients will count on you to take care of their beloved pets when they can't, so you should make sure to answer their messages or emails; give them updates on their pet's.

Love what you're doing: Money is important, but this job requires much more than that. There are enough jobs out there that can leave you with a decent salary but dog sitting should really be about passion

Use tech help: Use technology to your benefit! Check the newest devices that will help facilitate your job and bring you more security to it. Using an AirTag may provide you with a hiring advantage over other pet sitters in your area.

Walking a new client's dog?

Walking a dog you are unfamiliar with, might brings some challenges. How does the dog react towards other people or loud surroundings? It is no coincidence that dog sitting is for highly skilled people.

A dog sitter/dog walker should be able to recognise possible dangers in time and carefully observe and understand the dog's behavior. But even the most experienced dog sitter cannot control every situation, specially when letting the dog off-leash or when a dog is in a new environment or situation. An AirTag and a FollowPaw collar can offer you and the dog extra security.

How to use smart tech for dog sitting?

Don't leave it to chance. You can significantly reduce the risk of losing any dog by placing an AirTag on your client's dog. FollowPaw has developed its own collar for this purpose. It will inform you about the current location of the lost dog, provided you have an Apple device. Our collars are also compatible with other tracking devices, like the Tile Sticker. Quick note: the probability of finding the dog with a Tile is lower than with an AirTag, since the Bluetooth tracking chips work with the crowd tracking principle and there are many more Apple devices out there than products that are connected to the Tile network.

Tip: If you want to know which tracking system for dogs works best for you, check out our blog article on this topic "Apple AirTags vs GPS for Dog tracking: What system should you use?"


Pet sitting or dog walking is a service that helps so many pet parents during the times they cannot be there! It is a job that at times might be hard, but brings lot's of joy while doing it!

We want to help you keep your mind at ease while doing your job and to make your hiring changes higher by differentiating your services! You can offer that extra security feeling to any pet owner by being on top of your game and using the latest tracking technology!

Sold out

📍 Compatible with Apple AirTag tracking device and Tile Sticker.

🧲 Premium magnetic buckle for maximum convenience & longevity

🧵 Made of durable and sustainable cork leather

🇪🇺 Manufactured in Europe & money-back guarantee

Important: AirTags do not give you a 100% guarantee to find your dog. But if your dog is lost, they increase the chance that you find him/her again a lot. Tracking your dog should only be used as a backup system. So please take all measures that your dog does not run away in the first place.

For more Infos on the Apple AirTag have a look at our Blog: About Apple AirTags

Width: 34 mm (sizes S-L), 42 mm (size XL)

How to choose the right size?

Measure the neck circumference of your dog. Ideally with a tape measure.
If you don't have a tape measure at hand, you can take a strip of paper,
mark it, and then spread it out flat to measure it with a ruler.
Important: We recommend leaving two fingers between the neck and the tape measure. If your dog is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger collar.

  cm inches
S 28 - 35 11 - 14
M 36 - 43 15 - 17
L 44 - 51 18 - 20
XL 52 - 59 21 - 22

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