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March 08, 2021 1 min read

Hide and Seek was never so easy to win!

We made all our collars compatible with the Tile Sticker! Keep track of your best friend at all times!


Tile sticker to track your dog

What is the Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker is a tracking device that allows you to find your dog anywhere in the world! You can simply put it in your FollowPaw collar and find your dog. Anywhere in the world! And the best thing: Nobody knows about it!


How does it work?

You simply pull up the app on your phone and check your dog's location! We prefer the Tile Sticker for people on Android (our dog collar is compatible with AirTags for all the Apple users) over classic GPS tracking because of their long battery life (3 years!) and small form factor. It's also super reliable. Our collar design is very thought through, so if you put the Tile Sticker in the pocket, nobody will see it.


Is the Tile Sticker waterproof?

It is not only a ten yard tracker but much more powerful. The waterproof Sticker is easy to handle. The battery lasts for 3 years without charging. If you want to track your dog, visit our website, and get your compatible collar now. Our Promise: 100% satisfaction or money back!



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