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AirTag Dog Collars

The perfect collar to keep your dog safe using Apple AirTag technology. Our products are safe, sustainable, and highly durable. Plus they look great, too.

AirTag Dog Collars

The perfect collar to keep your dog safe using Apple AirTag technology. Our products are safe, sustainable, and highly durable. And they look great, too.

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Apple AirTag + FollowPaw

The AirTag is the better microchip for your dog. Anyone who finds your dog can scan the AirTag and get your contact details. And yes, it works with iPhones and Android!

Our collars secure the AirTag in a specialized, anti-slip pocket so that the gadget can’t fall out when your dog shakes and spins.

Find your dog — anywhere, anytime.

Using Apple’s AirTag and “Find My” Network, you can see where your best friend is at all times without the need for any subscription fees or additional costs. Our collar is designed to keep your AirTag securely, and safely attached to your pet. It’s bite-proof, tear-resistant, water-resistant, and more so you can rest easy knowing that your dogs are right where they are supposed to be.

Quality & Stylish Design

for maximum security and peace of mind.

Quality & Stylish Design

for maximum security and peace of mind.

Magnetic buckles for better security

Unlike hanging AirTag keychains or retrofitted luggage tags — which can attach to any collar with a button or strap — the FollowPaw AirTag Collar is equipped with a self-securing magnetic buckle that keeps your pet’s collar with them at all times.

Not only does this ensure that the tracking device stays with your dog, it also provides the collar with enhanced durability!

No matter where your dog goes, you can make sure that the AirTag is there, too.

Made from sustainable cork leather

Most dog collars are made from metal, leather, or nylon webbing. At FollowPaw, we opt for a more sustainable solution - cork leather.

Sourced in Portugal, our cork leather is a combination of natural cotton and cork. It’s soft to the touch and highly durable. It’s bite-proof, tear-resistant, and water-resistant.

Plus, it’s easy to clean. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and it’s ready to go.

Available In All Sizes

Find the perfect fit for your dog.

Available In All Sizes

Find the perfect fit for your dog.

Trusted to keep dogs safe.

Don’t take our word for it. Let our customers tell you what they think about our products.


Want to know more about the AirTag Collar? Answers below.

What is AirTag?

AirTag is Apple’s latest and greatest tracking device.

Designed to work with the “Find My” network (the same system you can use to find lost iPhones or computers), AirTag allows you to track anything by clipping AirTag to it.

AirTags cost $29 or 35€ and have a battery life of one year. You’ll also need an iPhone or iPad Touch in order to set up your AirTag.

Does the AirTag Dog Collar include an Apple AirTag?

No. While our product is the perfect AirTag accessory for your dog, the AirTag itself must be purchased separately.

We’ll send you a link to the product shortly after your purchase with us so that you can buy one directly from Apple.

How does AirTag work?

AirTag takes advantage of Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) technologies to transmit its location to wireless devices like smartphones and computers.

Because Bluetooth and NFC are universally recognized signals, most smartphones (Android and iOS) can detect them.

For AirTag owners, this means that a lost bag or a missing set of keys — or a lost pet — can be tracked by setting the AirTag to lost mode and waiting for an NFC-capable device to pick up the signal.

When it does, that signal is transferred through Apple’s “Find My” network to you so that you can find your lost item (or pet).

You can access the “Find My” network from any internet-connected Apple device.

How does the magnetic buckle work?

We specifically chose the Fidlock® V-Buckle for its outstanding durability.

The buckle is designed for high pull strength and won’t open under pressure. When your dog pulls against it, the self-securing mechanism actually becomes even stronger!

At the same time, the buckle is stylish, intuitive, and easy for humans to remove.

Why can’t I use a detachable pet tag or a keyring to secure my AirTag to my dog’s current collar?

You can! Apple sells key rings, bag charms, and luggage tags to help you secure your AirTag to your valuables. You can also pick up AirTag holders on Amazon or Etsy.

But we wanted to make something that we would put on our own dogs — and trusting a keyring to keep our best friends safe their AirTags intact just wasn’t the answer!

Our collar supports a quality design and premium materials designed specifically to keep your dog safe. It’s tough as nails and looks great while securing the AirTag in the safest way possible.

Plus, your AirTag won’t get dirty or end up in the water bowl while hanging from the collar!

Is the AirTag better than a microchip?

Yes. Microchips have a ton of problems, including a lack of conformity in their manufacturing and detection process.

The microchip that your pet receives from your veterinarian might not be detectable by another vet or by the shelter where your dog ends up.

While we agree that microchips are better than nothing at all, they lack the ultra-wideband functionality that Apple has created with the AirTag.

Plus, your AirTag allows you to do something to retrieve your dog based on the information you can receive from real-time tracking.

Unfortunately, with a microchip, the only thing you can do is wait for someone to scan the chip, find your phone number, and (hopefully) get in touch with you.

Keep your dog safe and sound.